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The City of Westcliffe Empty The City of Westcliffe

Post by HowlingWolf on Sun May 10, 2015 7:27 pm

The City of Westcliffe. If anyone were to hear the name, they would immediately think of the bustling streets, the tall skyscrapers, and the almost unusually friendly people. Hardly a fight went on in the city, despite the fact that it was one of the largest cities in the United States. the people always got along. They chatted with one another and never tried to con someone into taking a piece of junk for a fine object. If someone was hurt, you could guarantee that there would be a crowd of people wanting to help.

But there is more to the city that meets the eye. Things are changing and even people who once trusted each other enough to leave their front doors unlocked as they went out on errands used double, even triple locks on their doors and cast a wary eye from side to side whenever they leave the safety of their homes.

The city government, run by supernaturals, know exactly what is going on, what is hidden inside the dark alleyways and behind corners. Ever since the city was created, the supernaturals have been controlling the city, keeping the peace between oblivious humans and the non-humans who sought shelter and safety from the outside world.

However, as the city grew, more and more supernaturals of all races began flocking towards it, steadily filling the city with their numbers until their numbers were far greater than that of the humans.

Now, with the swelling numbers of the supernaturals, it is all the government can do to keep the humans from finding out about them and also managing to maintain as much peace as they possibly can between the different races. Some races have joined together and united their strength to form what the humans know of as gangs.

No one feels safe anymore. The humans rely on the government to protect them. But we know who is really running things.


1. No godmodding or powerplaying
2. There will be actual romance in this, between all genders. There wont be anything hardcore or something, but know that there will be kissing, flirting, etc.
3. Proper grammar and spelling. I get tired of saying it, but its necessary. If characters have an accent, different variations of spelling are fine.
4. Any character can be used, but dont make them something like immune to every power or something like that
5. You dont have to have all your characters in a gang. Your character can be a rogue. However, I dont want everyones characters to all be rogues.
6. There will more than likely be slight cursing in this roleplay.
7. Try to have diverse characters. We dont want everyone being girls with stubborn personalities who are attracted to a knight in shining armor.
8. Im not even going to bother with a required active schedule, but please try to post at least semi-regularly. This roleplay will end.
9. I dont really know anyone anymore that does one liners, but post a decent amount (probably around 4-5 sentences at the least)
10. If you have any questions, just shoot me a dmail
11. Im not going to limit you on how many characters you can have, but keep it manageable


Gang (optional):
Appearance (pictures are okay):
Personality (brief description, unless you want to go detailed):
Brief History (optional):

Extra Information:

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The City of Westcliffe Empty Re: The City of Westcliffe

Post by HowlingWolf on Sun May 10, 2015 9:12 pm

Name: Damon
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Enhanced Mutant
Abilities: Incredibly flexible and enhanced agility as well as incredible stamina
Gang: Rogue (travels with Jack)
Personality: Shy and withdrawn, Damon is very soft spoken unless it comes to someone he loves and cares about. When he needs to be, he can be very brave. He would die to protect Jack. He also tends to blush a lot when him and Jack show affection for one another. He's also really kawaii and I just want to hug him until I die like the kitties in the picture.
Brief History: Damon didn't always have his powers. He was born a normal human, in appearance as well. However, once he was around eight years old, a meltdown at the local power plant caused a minor radiation explosion, which he and his family were exposed to. At first, nothing noticeable happened until his parents both fell ill at the same time and his hair and eyes started to change color gradually, everyday more red and gold showing through the dark brown and moss green. On the same day that his hair and eye color became completely changed, his parents died, their sickness having grown everyday just like the colors in his features. He was left alone. Not knowing what to do, he fled, discovering his powers in the process. Only a year or so later, he met Jack.
Other: He carries a knife to use against any gang members that might attack him and Jack. The kitties in the picture literally do nothing but show that he is a kawaii little shit.

Name: Jack
Gender: Male
Species: Magical Being
Abilities: Can create mental illusions
Gang: Rogue (travels with Damon)
Personality: The speaker for him and Damon if they ever come up against gang members not strictly attack-on-sight, he is also very protective of Damon and would die to save him. Rest RPO.
Brief History: Jack had always known he had because of the fact that his mom possessed the same abilities that he does. From a very young age his mother began teaching him how to better control his powers until one day she just vanished. Using his abilities, Jack survived on his own for a couple years, dodging out of the way of any gangs that he passed or dangerous situation all the while struggling to develop his weak powers to a more effective level. Unfortunately, his emotions affected his powers to the point that they refused to advance any further, leaving him with only the ability to make the air around him with the beginning of an illusion. One day when he heard someone running towards him, he tackled them without thinking, finding himself staring at a boy that wasnt any older than himself. Seeing him lost, alone, and practically defenseless like he was, he agreed to travel with him. Theyve been together ever since.
Other: Same as Damon, although he usually attacks the gang members with his illusions and make them feel pain.

Name: Alex
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifter
Abilities: She can shift into an eagle along with having talons, sharp teeth, and bird senses in her half form
Gang: Cheshire
Half-form -
58, her fingernails are curved into points like an eagles talons and her teeth are also sharp as well.
Eagle form - Slightly larger than normal eagle whose coloring is black.
Personality: fiery, doesnt-take-no-for-an-answer type attitude, stubborn, meh, Im drawing a blank
Brief History: N/A
Other: Dating Mica, which the government and other supernaturals arent too happy about. In a broship (sibling-like relationship) with Spencer. Often the one to hold Tex down when the girls are putting him in dresses.

Name: Jezzie
Age: 19 but looks younger
Gender: Transgender Male
Species: Elf
Abilities: Able to change his basic appearance as well as use other forms of magic
Gang: The Darklings
Male (High Elf form)-
(Most common appearance)
Female (Dark Elf form very very rarely seen)- Long dark hair that goes to the small of his back in a soft wave and almost unearthly pale skin. His eyes are a deep violet in color and black tattoo-like marks decorate his skin on her arms, legs, and stomach.
Approximate -
4'9 and generally keeps his ears under his hair.
Personality: Secluded from the others in his gang, Jezzie is a mystery to others. Even while talking to him, he is quiet and reserved somewhat. If anyone asks him about why he doesnt take off his shirt with the other guys or something of the like, he explains that it is part of his elven traditions that he is forbidden to.
Brief History: He was born a female but once he decided to go to Westcliffe to live, he used magic to make himself look like a boy.
Other: Always wears his clothes in case he loses his concentration accidentally and his appearance shifts back to his natural female one.

Name: White Assassin
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Magical Being
Abilities: Shadow manipulation and enhanced fighting abilities
Gang: Darklings
The City of Westcliffe Ninja_night_by_liloochan
Personality: Quiet, secluded, cold, unforgiving, will kill mercilessly if need be
Brief History: She was born a magical being by chance. Her parents knew she was different as soon as she opened her eyes and bright, unnatural gold shone out and her hair grew in white. Fast forward a year and thats when her first signs of magical activity began. Whenever she slept, if anyone other than her parents came near her, shadows would lash out and attack them, preventing them from coming any closer to her, as if her mind thought she was in danger. This went on for a long time until she was old enough to begin speaking. Thats when she started gaining more control over her powers and she was able to stop them from lashing out to anyone. As she grew, others teased her for her appearance at school to the point that she broke down crying every night when she was at home. She was made an outcast. Outbursts directed at her parents became more and more frequent until they were nearly nightly and when she got angry, her powers took control. One night, she decided that she had had enough and ran away.
Other: She has a sword with a gold hilt and a silver blade that she keeps strapped to her hip.

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The City of Westcliffe Empty Re: The City of Westcliffe

Post by RubyRedclaw on Mon May 11, 2015 12:16 am

Name: Diamond Evans
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Troll (Superior eyesight, speed, a little strength, and ability to climb vertical surfaces)
Gang (optional): Dark Hills and Fairytales (The Darklings)

Natural form- She is about five feet tall when hunched over, though she mostly walks on all fours/squats on her hind paws. She is covered with russet-brown fur that is thicker on her limbs, as well as having a three foot long tail that ends in a large tuft of black hair. Her hind legs resemble that of a cat’s, while her hands have sharp claws. Her hair is blond-ish grey, often pulled back in a ponytail and with bangs just above her eyes. She has yellow, feline eyes and a red-brown cat nose. Her ears are at the normal positioning, but longer and more pointed. Also has fangs, and usually wears a grey hoodie or loose T-shirt in this form.

Human form- About 5’5, medium length grey-blonde hair that’s pulled up in a ponytail, grey eyes, and freckles on pale-ish skin. Usually wearing a scowl and either a loose T-shirt or an overly large hoodie with baggy jeans, either way. Only owns two pairs of shoes; a nice black pair used for work, and really ragged sneakers for everything else.

Personality (brief description, unless you want to go detailed): Irritable, short-tempered, aggressive, extremely loyal, cynical, and street-smart

Brief History (optional): Born into a small income family, the community helped raise her. She was initiated into The Darklings at fourteen and has mostly been living on her own in an apartment, taking odd jobs to help out her “pack”. Works at the supernatural-run grocery store in her area.

Other: Doesn’t like wearing the disguise pendant, so usually goes out at night. Has made friends with people outside her species’ “pack”, but loyalty to the pack comes first. “Friend” to Ebony and provides her with info on non-Darkling targets. Also loves to race in her natural form.


Name: Kodak Marcelo
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Naga shifter (Shape-shifts into a cobra, natural form is a mix of human and snake)
Gang (optional): Reptilian Rebels (Double R’s / RR)

Natural form- Covered in cream to green to brown scales (Green on his side, cream on his stomach, black/brown on his back), he has the head of a snake and fangs to match. Other than a snake-like tail and reptilian feet, his body is humanoid. Wears his human clothes, for the most part.

Human form- He is tall, around 5’11, and somewhat muscular. His skin is a light-brown and his eyes are dark brown. Hair is short, black, and slightly curly. He has various scars on his body, but they’re usually covered up by a tank-top. Wears tank-tops, jeans, cargo pants, loose shorts, and the occasional zip-up hoodie. Black sneakers, never in too much disrepair.

Personality (brief description, unless you want to go detailed): A bit arrogant, protective, loyal, competitive, and optimistic

Brief History (optional): Raised in large family with several brothers, is one of the oldest. Joined RR at 18, is working at and online college degree in ophiology and health care. Works as a busboy for a human-owned restaurant.

Other: Rents a small apartment and shares with two roommates, owns a two-headed corn snake named Twi and Llana. Goes by Kody/Cody to most humans who don’t know his identity, wears his disguise pendant whenever not doing things associated with RR or lounging.


Name: Crystal/Crys/Chris LaBelle
Age: 26
Gender: Bigender (She/they/he pronouns, will tell which)
Species: Bender (Water/ice manipulation)
Gang (optional): Unassociated/Rogue

Appearance: Tall (6’1), thin, pale skin, angular head, ice blue eyes, and short, pixie-cut white hair with sideswept bangs. Usually wears skin-tight pants/leggings and a nice shirt. Doesn’t wear jeans, tries to look semi-professional.

Personality (brief description, unless you want to go detailed): Calm, charming, flirty, patient, selfish, and talkative

Brief History (optional): Grew up in a middle-class family outside of Westcliffe and moved when they got a teaching job at a middle school. Associates with humans and non-humans almost equally, though they don’t feel as though they’re a part of the bender community there.

Other: Will tell you what pronoun/name they go by that day, and otherwise requests to be called Crys/ use “they” pronouns (Asks students to simply call them LaBelle) . Close friends with Mica the Reporter, tries to give him as much info as possible. Has no need for a disguise pendant.


Name: Mica Jones
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Halfblood (No latent powers, ID’s as human)
Gang: Unassociated/works for small-time newspaper

Appearance: 5’8, average build, has shaggy/curly dirty blonde hair, pale-ish skin, and grey-blue eyes. Usually wears jeans and a T-shirt casually, wears more professional clothes when on the job. Almost never found without a satchel or backpack, scribbling notes, or without a recording device (Cell phone, actual recording device, etc) and favors sneakers. Very bright-eyed and curious look about him.

Personality: Charming, nosy, loyal, resourceful, and persistent

Brief History: Mom was a non-human, dad was human. Grew up fascinated by supernatural beings because his mom thought he would end up “maturing” into his powers (Although that almost never happens). Graduated college early, majored in Creative Writing and minored in Journalism. Became a reporter for a small-time newspaper read mostly by the humans and does the “special” edition for the non-humans too.

Other: He is determined to reveal the government’s manipulative ways and stop the violence between non-humans, or at least lower it significantly. Aims for a place where humans and non-humans can live in peace. Is close friends with Crys, who is one of his biggest sources of information. Will do almost anything to get his information.


Name: Ebony Chase
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human, modified (faster, stronger, more endurance, heals faster)
Gang: Unassociated/Government

Appearance: 5’7, jet black hair pulled into a ponytail. Pale with a few freckles, and her eyes are green. She has several tattoos of sigils on her body, mostly upper arms and back, that grant her a degree of supernatural ability. Often wears skin-tight clothing that’s easier to move in: Black tanktop and leggings, with jen shorts is what she usually wears. Occasionally will wear a jacket, too. Has hip-holsters for guns and knife sheaths on a belt. Wears thigh-high boots that are surprisingly mobile, and may hide weapons on her person.

Personality: Calm, violent, persistent, loyal, and selfish

Brief History: Grew up in a poor section of the town, family attacked during a fight between non-human groups. Has harbored a hatred of most supernatural beings since, and became a supernatural bounty hunter for precisely that reason.

Other: Hates most supernatural beings except for a select few, Diamond is one of them. Despises supernatural sympathizers, doesn’t usually do things by the books. Mostly lives on the go, will bunk down with someone else if her apartment is under surveillance or people keep trying to contact her. Enjoys parkour and does it frequently, if she can.

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The City of Westcliffe Empty Re: The City of Westcliffe

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