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Post by HowlingWolf on Sun May 10, 2015 7:32 pm

Has anyone ever really thought about the possibility that something is extremely rare or nonexistent in one place could be abundant in another? Obviously the something in the second place wouldn't be considered rare if people saw it every day the way one might see a bird or perhaps a squirrel running along the grass.

By now one might be thinking of rare or extinct animals. Maybe a Dodo bird or possibly even a Tasmanian tiger. However, such things do not exist in the world of Peredair. No, instead the people of the planet have something vastly different than the people of Earth do.

They have dragons.

These dragons are not the creatures of violence that the Earthlings fantasize about that can move mountains and raze villages with one fiery breath. Instead, these dragons are small, gentle creatures that serve as companions to the people of Peredair. No longer than a full grown man's arm at the greatest, the reptiles are very much treated as one on Earth might treat a cat, except for the fact that they are smarter. These dragons could not breath fire or fly like those in the legends do, but they were completely and whole-heartedly dragons, no matter the size.

Then came the Growth.

No one knows when it started or how, but one day, the dragons in Peredair began mutating into ferocious beasts with jagged fangs, mighty wings, and a fire that could rival the temperature of the sun. In addition, the already incredibly smart creatures grew even smarter. Different areas resulted in different acceleration of the Growth, the cause unknown.

In an incredibly short amount of time, the dragons collectively decided that they would no longer be the pets to the people and instead saw them as a food source. Within the first month, a little less than half the population of Peredair was completely wiped out by the dragons. As a result, the people went into hiding and were forced to begin killing them.

Before long, the world developed a new motto: kill or be killed.

Some people have grouped together into clans, others prefer to stay on their own with select few family or friends. However, no matter how people chose to travel, the situation would remain the same. There would be dragon hunters in every group, no matter the size. If there were two, one would be a hunter. If there were ten, at least one would be a dragon hunter.

More often than not, dragon hunters are sent out on missions alone, based on their skill level. But now, it seems like something is happening...


Yes, the ending probably just made you more confused, but here I am to explain it a little better to you. Basically, something's mutated the dragons. And now, dragon hunters sent out on solo missions find themselves unable to kill a certain dragon that they are sent after, and that dragon miraculously doesn't kill them. It's like soulmates, in a way. From the moment the eyes touch, the hunter and dragon are bonded, which makes the hunter destined to be a dragon rider. As the plot develops, the characters will discover that something caused the Growth and travel to different areas after linking up together someway and try to cure those areas one at a time.

Remember that everyone else in the world hates dragons, even the dragon hunters. Most of them who are riders (and not all hunters are), if any, aren't really going to be accepting of the fact that they suddenly aren't able to kill a dragon. Take this into consideration.

Any questions can be directed at either Ruby or I Smile


1. Because it's important, this will be the first rule. I'm planning on having this roleplay start out a little differently. Instead of making all of your forms, posting them, and then making your first post, I want everyone to make their first post first and then include the forms after. All first posts will include the characters that you select to be dragon riders (if you have more than one, not all of them can be) meeting their dragons. Try to think of some unique scenarios Wink
2. If cursing is needed, keep it minor, the rest you should know
3. Grammar, spelling, the works
4. Diverse characters. Don't have all girls or all boys with all the same personalities and interests.
5. Refer back to number 1.
6. As many characters as you can manage, but remember that you will be handling a dragon as well.
7. All characters have pointed ears. Pretty much a useless feature, I know, but they are not humans and I don't want them to be mistaken as such. If you notice, I didnt use the word 'human' anywhere in the description. If you have to have a name other than the people or natives or something of the like, use Darians or something. Doesn't really matter. Whoever comes up with the name first in their post, the others can use.
8. Dragon hunters will typically have a weapon that is made of strengthened rope and weighted on both ends with steel balls. These ropes have the ability to entangle a dragon's wings and make them unable to fly. If your Hunter doesn't have the weapon, please say so in the 'other' section.
9. If you have an idea for another job, then just put that in the Other section. However, dragon hunters are the only ones that have anything physically to do with dragons. There rare trackers, which find dragons in the wilderness for hunters, but that's the closest thing you can get to a hunter without actually being one.

Forms: Look at Rule 1.
Name (try to make it unique, even if you change a common name. Can be nickname later):
Gender (does not have to be strictly boy/girl):
Age (keep it above 17, please, unless you have special permission):
Appearance (Realistic hair/eye colors):
Personality (optional, but at least include a few bullet point words):
Weapon (if hunter):

Name (again, unique name):
Gender (does not have to be strictly boy/girl):
Personality (again, optional):
Rider (if ridden):
History (optional for dragon):

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Tarakona    Empty Re: Tarakona

Post by HowlingWolf on Sun May 10, 2015 8:46 pm

She sat in silence as she stroked the sharpening stone over and over the blade of the dagger that fit in her hand with practiced ease. No other weapon had ever served her as loyally as the dagger had, although her crossbow came close. After all, the knife had never failed to finish off a dragon when the crossbow had.

Lifting the blade and setting down the sharpening stone next to her, the girl brushed her thumb over the edge, pleased when blood started pooling at the tip. Sharpened to perfection and ready for the next kill. It wouldn't be long now. Aylafen had gone out early that morning to track down a dragon for her. It wouldn't be hard, considering there wasn't a whole lot of Hunters in the clan and they weren't as experienced as her in the slightest so she was sent after the toughest dragons.

Her bright green eyes flashed and her grip tightened around the dagger. One day. One day all of her training would pay off, and she would kill the Vampire Dragon with her own hands. I swear, she thought, her eyes becoming ruthlessly cold, I swear that I will cut the Vampire Dragon's heart out with this very dagger and watch the life drain from its eyes as I was forced to do with my family. Until that moment, it will have never known the true feeling of pain.

She was interrupted by the tent flap opening and a near breathless Aylafen coming to a stop in front of her. "Sarex." she breathed, bent down with her hands on her knees to catch her breath. After a few seconds of impatient waiting on Sarex's part, the dark skinned girl finally straightened up. "I found her. I found the Vampire Dragon. Shes three miles from here in the crater."

Before she had even finished speaking, Sarex was on her feet, slipping her quiver over her shoulder and hefting up her crossbow. Her eyebrow piercing swung wildly against her skin, the stones quietly clinking together as she forced her black hair behind her pointed ears. Within a matter of seconds, she was walking out of the tent. "Good job, Aylafen." She muttered as she passed the other girl, receiving a nod of acknowledgement. And then, without any word to any of the other clan members, she was gone once again on another mission that she could very well not return from.


It only took about forty minutes to get to where the crater was, considering the terrain. But it was one of the things that Sarex had trained for when she was on her own. Just like she had trained for this moment.

The black haired girl paused at the edge of the crater, her eyes whipping back and forth to determine the best route to go down and also trying to find a glimpse of the Vampire Dragon. After a few minutes of looking, a flicker of moment caught her attention. She zeroed in on it and her eyed narrowed when she identified it as the thing she had been searching for ever since that day.

The dragon would have been entirely invisible in the shadows if it hadn't been for the glowing red eyes and the blood red wings that stood out like a beacon.

Sarex's fingers brushed over the hilt of her knife before beginning her descent. The crater wasn't very big, so it would be easy to find the dragon now that she knew the direction she was in. Before long, dirt caked Sarex's fingernails as she used her hands to hike down, at times even jumping into a tree to scale down from there.

Once she was down on the ground, Sarex loaded an arrow into her crossbow and got out one of her two dragon ropes. They had been specially crafted by her own hands and as a result fit perfectly into her palms.

The Vampire Dragon would be near by now. The moment she had been waiting for. The black and red dragon would be lying dead at her feet within minutes. Just...around...the corner...

Releasing a yell, Sarex rushed out towards the Vampire Dragon, raising her crossbow. The Vampire Dragon swung her massive head to the girl, instantly on her feet and opening her mouth. Her throat began to glow orange, breathing out fire as Sarex released the arrow, 100 pounds of force screaming towards the dragon's chest. Jumping and rolling out of the way from the blast, Sarex looked up to see the dragon had also avoided her arrow by taking to the air, soon disappearing from the smoke from the fire.

"Where are you?" Sarex shouted, whirling around back and forth, substituting the dragon rope for her dagger. The dragon rope was useless unless it was full visibility. This dragon was too fast anyway.

A great rumbling sounded overhead and Sarex only had a moment to prepare herself before the dragon reappeared, diving straight for the girl. The dragon's eyes were still covered by smoke, but Sarex could faintly see the red glow.

With speed that belied its size, the Vampire Dragon reached Sarex before she could move, tackling her to the ground and pinning her to the floor with one giant taloned foot. The dragon leaned down, opening her mouth to reveal pink stained teeth and prepared to rip into Sarex's throat when suddenly she stopped as the smoke around her eyes dissipated and they met, both pairs filled to hate and one rapidly filling with disbelief and anger as well.

"This isn't possible." The dragon hissed, shocking Sarex so much that she stilled. Never before had Sarex been able to understand dragons. She didn't even know they and a capability of speaking. "This isn't possible!" The hiss turned into a roar within seconds and the dragon looked up to the sky, breathing out a huge blast of fire in rage.

Sarex gripped the dagger in her hand. She could injure the beast so that it would release her and then she could kill it. Raising the dagger as far up as she could with the dragon pinning her, she aimed it at the webbing between its toes and thrust down only to find that her arm wouldn't move. Gritting her teeth, she willed her arm to move again but it wouldn't budge.

The Vampire Dragon roared again before suddenly pushing away from Sarex until she was a few yards from the girl. As soon as the claw was lifted from her chest, Sarex leaped to her feet and drew out her crossbow, loading it within seconds and aiming it at the dragons eye, but her finger wouldn't move against the trigger. "Why...can't...I...kill you?!" Sarex roared, throwing the crossbow at the ground. "What did you do to me you beast?"

"I didn't do anything to you, filth!" The dragon roared right back. Her roar was much more convincing then Sarex's. "It's because of the stupid Rider prophecy!" She growled, tearing down the nearest tree with her tail. "This is unbelievable!"

"What to you mean Rider prophecy? I've never heard of anything like it!" The girl shouted, clenching her fists.

"It means that you are destined to be my Rider and I'm destined to be your dragon." The Vampire Dragon bit out, shaking her giant head. "It is official. The universe hates me!"

Sarex snorted. "You think it hates you? I have wanted nothing more than to kill you after you murdered my family before my eyes! And now you're standing right in front of me and I find I can't kill you? What a load of bull. Shit!"

The dragon's eyes narrowed. "Oh yes, I remember you now. And your parents were delicious!"

Sarex let out a yell. "Listen here you beast-"

"It"s Skelath, not beast, weakling." She hissed.

The girl scowled. This was going to be difficult.

Name: Sarex
Gender: Female
Age: 19, nearly 20
Tarakona    Elf-princess-elven-girls-magical-pictures
Personality: Cold, very cold, and ruthless. She will kill without hesitation. Favors more brute force than stealth
History: Watched the Vampire Dragon kill her parents and brother right before her eyes soon after the Growth occurred. Ever since, she has vowed to kill every last dragon and hunt for the Vampire Dragon until the dragons head was before her. She spent over two months alone, training herself to survive before joining a clan and quickly becoming their best Hunter.
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: Crossbow with a dagger
Dragon: Skelath
Other: Hunter

Name: Skelath (ski-lath)
Gender: Female
Tarakona    18545_o-eternal-o_the-vampire-dragon
Personality: Bloodthirsty and rough, she is like a tyrant and uses her immense strength to overpower other dragons.
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Sarex
History: Known by many others as the Vampire Dragon because of unusually high bloodlust. She was tossed around a lot before the Growth because many of the people favored the more colorful and exotic looking dragons over the dark ones. One of the first to change.

Name: Aylafen
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Tarakona    ScreenShot2014-06-13at100527PM
Personality: Soft-spoken, usually will stay silent in crucial situations, doesnt like making eye contact with anyone
History: With her mother having died in childbirth, she was raised by her father and older sister until the time of the Growth, when her sister became a dragon hunter and was killed on a mission. Since then she does what she can to help around the clan like hunting for food, keeping an eye on the children, or polishing weapons, but her primary job is to track where other dragons are for the hunters.
Hunter? No
Rider? No
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Dragon: N/A
Other: Tracker


White blonde hair fell into the boy's face and he pushed it back yet again with frustration. He had been at this for hours and still hadn't found a trace.

"Go after this dragon, Theovil." He badly imitated his younger-by-a-year sister, who was their clan's Tracker, with a high-pitched voice. "You can find it on your own, Theovil. I'm sure you can, Theovil. I have to do other things while you can find the dragon and kill it, Theovil." He rolled his eyes and turned around, shouting to no one. "Well you know what? I still haven't found the stupid dragon!"

Grumbling, he stomped off in the direction he had been traveling, his long sword banging against his leg with every step. "Yeah sure...you know, I'm a Tracker now too...why not?" He muttered under his breath.

After a few minutes, he sighed and plopped down on the grass, stretching out all his limbs as he stared at the sky. Why couldn't things go back to the way they had been? When dragons were nothing more than delightful pets that everyone could enjoy and have no fear when around them. They couldn't fly, they couldn't breath fire, they weren't able to crush a person's skull with one swipe. They were...companions.

And now every time he left the tent, Theovil was at risk of getting his limbed burned off and his head eaten.

He closed his eyes. The sun felt so nice. Maybe the grass would hide him and he could just take a few minutes...

A low growl interrupted him. Slowly, his blue eyes opened again and he sat up, moving his limbs inch by inch until he was propped up onto his elbow as he searched for the source of the growl. Movement caught his eye and he turned his head just in time to see a brightly colored tail leave one tree and enter another.

Scrambling to his feet, Theovil fumbled with the sword at his side, holding it out in front of his after a few seconds of struggling, whipping around to try and find the dragon. He was met with the dragon climbing down the trunk of a tree.

The dragon's scales were various shades of silver and grey and it had a very lithe body with black eyes. What really got to Theovil though was the color of its wings, spikes, and tail. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" He groaned, the tip of his sword hitting ground and he threw the other hand up to the sky in exasperation. "Really sis? Is this some type of a joke to you?"

He pointed to the dragon who was now sitting at the base of the tree, oddly not attacking him. "You really sent me after a freakin' rainbow dragon?" Theovil turned to the dragon. "And what, do you poop unicorns too?"

The dragon cocked its head. "Well, no, as a matter of fact I do not. Although if you would like I can give you some proof."

Theovil stared at the dragon, who was apparently male according to his voice. Never had he expected it to answer. "Uh...no thanks. Why aren't you attacking me anyway? Aren't you supposed to be all like 'rawr I'm a dragon' and try to eat my face? All the other dragons I've seen have."

"I could say the same thing about you. You're the one with the sword." The dragon responded, flicking his tail.

"That is not the same thing! I kill you because you kill me. You started it first!" Theovil threw up his hands, dropping the sword to the ground. "What has my life come to? I'm arguing with a dragon. Maybe I took a wrong turn and hit my head on a rock and now I'm just waiting for a dragon to eat me."

The dragon shook his head. "You're not dreaming."

"Then explain why you're not trying to kill me." Theovil scowled and narrowed his eyes. He wasn't trying to kill the dragon either, but that wasn't too unusual. He usually didn't attack unless they did and normally just fooled around beforehand. He was kind of surprised himself that he had managed to survive as long as he had.

"Well." The dragon got up and started slinking towards Theovil, reminding him of a cat. "I can't. You're meant to ride me. And I don't mean that in the sexy way."

"Ride you? That's not even possible! You're not even supposed to talk!" Theovil backed up from the dragon until it started moving its front shoulders up and down as if preparing to pounce. "No, no, no. You stay where you are!" The dragon stopped.

"You can understand me because you are my Rider. The universe paired you up with me, so it is," the dragon flared out his rainbow marbled wings, "destiny."

After a few minutes of processing, Theovil ran his hands down his face and looked up to the sky. "Okay, now you are really playing a joke with me! Of all the cool dragons I've ever fought, I get stuck with the rainbow one? Haha universe, that is really funny!" He looked back to the dragon. "Now listen here, dragon-"


"Now listen here, Everett, I don't-" Theovil paused. "Wait, Everett? Seriously? You have a girl's name too? Why not just change it to Unicorn or something?" He waved his hands. "Never mind. Anyway, you must have some sort of disguise on because there is no way that I got stuck with a rainbow cat dragon. I am a man!" To prove his point he leaned down and scooped up his sword, hoisting it in front of him only to have his fingers slip and the sword to tumble out of his grip and bang the hilt on his toe.

"Nope, what you see if what you get-Who are you again?"

"Theovil." The blonde boy answered, slightly frustrated.

"Theovil." Everett tried the name. "Well, that's a nice name! Strong, powerful, nothing like the one who carries it." Without warning he pounced on Theovil, tackling him to the ground.

"I'm going to kill myself." Theovil muttered beneath the dragon.

"Not yet, because we have to go for a ride!" Everett exclaimed, much too happy for a dragon to be in this situation.

"Excuse me, but what?!"

Name: Theovil
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Tarakona    ScreenShot2014-06-13at101947PM
Personality: Tends to be very sarcastic with or without others around. Able to lighten the mood in almost any situation.
History: Travels with his parents and little sister, as well as a few other people that had been neighbors before the Growth and the dragons destroyed their village. He does, however, admire dragons for their power, even if he does make it his mission to kill them.
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: Sword
Dragon: Everett
Other: Hunter

Name: Everett
Gender: Male
Tarakona    Images
Personality: Very sarcastic and like a cat in nature.
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Theovil
History: Coveted by many before the Growth because of his colors that were never seen before, he had led a pampered life until he was driven out by the people who were once his owners. He is one of the less wild dragons, but has still killed his fair share of people.


He would show them. Those beasts that were threatening to destroy everything. They would pay for everything they had done. His hands curled into fists. As soon as he got out of this forest, he would make them all pay.

A twig snapped nearby and the boy back against a tree. "Who's there?" He shouted, his voice filling with fear as he brandished a pathetic knife in front of him.

"Well, look at this, a little boy lost in the forest." An unusual dragon slid out from the shadows, not even making a sound against the dead leaves. The dragon had a very wolf-like body, although it was very thin. Red wings sprouted from its shoulder blades, and gold highlighted the tips of its long hair.

"Who are you?" The boy backed up against the tree further and the dragon stopped.

"And even more amazing! He can understand me. What an unusual sight." The dragon stepped closer, blood red eyes fixed on his. "I think I like you, little boy. What is your name?"

"I asked you first." The boy retorted, stepping forwards only to trip on a tree root and sent his knife sprawling. The wolf dragon stepped closer and he backed up again. "Uh, I-I'm Zayle."

By now, the dragon was only a few inches away and nearly as tall as Zayle himself. "Zayle, hmm? Well, little boy, I have decided that I do like you." It turned abruptly and began walking away.

"W-wait, you never told me your name!" Zayle stumbled forwards after the dragon before stopping.

"I have declared myself your protector until you leave this forest, little boy." The black and red dragon was nearly gone in the shadows.

"Your. Name." Zayle said again, this time demanding through gritted teeth.

The dragon looked back and blinked its bright red eyes once before its mouth curled into a smile. "Anyubi." It said before vanishing completely.

Name: Zayle (like hail with a z)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Tarakona    640x925_14001_Elf_Prince_2d_fantasy_elf_prince_picture_image_digital_art
Personality: Incredibly wary around others and timid, hates with a burning passion, clumsy
History: Unknown
Hunter? No
Rider? No
Weapon: One small little knife
Dragon: N/A
Other: Alone in the wilderness, can understand dragons

Name: Anyubi
Gender: N/A
Tarakona    Anubis_dragon_
Personality: mysterious, elusive, likes to avoid the question
Ridden? No
Rider: N/A
History: No one really knows when they appear or when they vanish, but everyone does know that they are a big mystery. They don't display any bloodlust, and no one has ever seen them actually kill a human before. When they do appear, they don't make any violent movements to kill. They are highly sought after by trackers.


She didn't even blink when she thrust the knife up into the soft skin of the dragon's throat. Blood gushed down onto her hands, staining the tips of her hair and pooling onto the stones beneath the two. The dragon let out a feeble growl, turning its head to the girl with betrayal written in its eyes. "Shh, shh, I know. I know." The girl whispered, running her hand up the dragon's scaly snout. "Goodbye."

With the last word, the dragon lay its head on the girl's lap and went still forever, the shine in its dark green scales seeming to vanish. She stayed in that position for a few seconds longer before lifting the lifeless head up and setting it aside. Her brown tunic was stained dark with blood, but it was fine. She had a spare in her pack.

Leaving the dragon to decompose where it lay, the girl began walking towards the tree line, changing out her cloak on the way. Just before she hit the trees, another figure stepped out from behind one and she stopped. "Renaid, good to see you." She said. "What is the problem?"

The man responded in a gruff voice, "Danic. There's another dragon not far from here." He pointed in the direction and without another word, he turned and left her where she stood.

Danic paused for a few moments before beginning the walk in the direction she was pointed in. If the dragon wasn't far away, it wouldn't take long.


She spotted the dragon as soon as she stepped forwards one for step. It had only been about a fifteen minute walk, which was kind of surprising because most dragons were territorial and never settled if another was less than a mile away, which this dragon very nearly was.

Its scales were beautiful shades of gold, ranging from pure gold to orange gold to dark gold. The spikes on its neck were so delicate that they looked like licks of flames. He was so beautiful that Danic almost didn't want to kill him.

She shook her head. Now was not the time to be thinking such things.

Once she got near enough to be heard, she whistled softly. Instantly, the dragon turned his gold head towards her and their eyes met. "Hey, boy. How are you?" 

The gold dragon stood, his spines standing up against his back to prepare for a fight.

"Shh, shh. It's okay. I'm not here to hurt you." Danic said gently, stepping closer every few seconds. With her non-threatening pose, dragons practically collapsed at her hands as soon as she got within yards of them.

The dragon relaxed, like all of them did, and she gave him a reassuring smile. "That's it. Thats a good-"

She gasped when the dragon suddenly jumped at her, his colossal body taking down her small form in seconds. How was she supposed to get out of this? This had never happened before! A dragon had never faked being calm!

She wrapped her hands around one of the dragon's claws and tried pushing out from under him, but he growled and pushed down until she was successfully pinned. By now, she was too riled up herself to try any calming techniques on the dragon.

"Get off of me!" She screamed, struggling under him.

The dragon snorted. "So much for being a good boy."

She shrieked again and tossed her head back. "Renaid! If you're there, please help me! Please!"

"He's not here. I would have been able to smell them." A single crystal blue eye stared at her. "Just like I had smelled you before you even came near."

"You aren't talking. You aren't talking! That's not possible!" Danic pushed against the foot, but it wouldn't budge, her hands slipping against the smooth gold scales.

"Well, then I guess I don't exist and all of this has been a dream then." The dragon lifted its foot and took a step back. "Now get up. I'm not going to hurt you. And unlike the lie you told me a little bit ago, I mean it when I say I'm not going to hurt you. Not that you can hurt me anyway."

Danic had been backing up as fast as she could until the dragon stopped speaking. "What do you mean I cant hurt you?"

The dragon looked at her, annoyed. "I told you to get up." Hurriedly, Danic did as the dragon commanded. "And you can't hurt me because you are my Rider." The dragon dipped his enormous head. "My name is Scane. Yours?"

The girl shook her head. "Oh no. I've done this too many times with dragons of my own. I gain their trust and then they are lying at my feet in a pool of blood. Don't think I'm falling for it now." She turned around, beginning to walk away. "If you can't hurt me, then I can leave. I can't stand this dream anymore."

Scane growled and in a golden flash he was in front of her lying on the ground. "Name."

Danic leaped back as the dragon landed in front of her, slamming her back against a tree. "Alright, alright! It's Danic!"

"Good, we're finally getting somewhere." Scane tossed his head back. "Now, get on."


"Get on. To complete the bond I have to be ridden."

"There is no way that I am getting on your back! You're going to throw me-" Danic protested.

"Get on." Scane interrupted. "Now."

Gulping down her fear, Danic took a hesitant step forwards, one after the other until she was right in front of the dragon. He was even bigger when she was standing next to him.

"Now climb up..." Danic moved her head and jumped when she found Scanes head right next to her, his gold teeth right next to her face. Not bothering to hide her gulp this time, she grabbed onto the golden dragon's wings where it sprouted from his shoulder, needing to stretch as high as she could to reach it even though he was laying down.

Although the scales were mirror smooth against her hand, there was a small ridge in the wing that allowed her to grip tighter and hoist herself up to where she could step on the top of Scane's leg. Even with her shoes on, she could feel the power that coursed through the muscle and she quickly swung her other leg around until she was able to settle into a sitting position just behind the dragon's spikes and in between the wings with her legs in front of his.

It felt so...natural.

"Are you ready?" Scane said, looking at her through one eye. She hadn't even noticed that he stood up.

"Wait, what? But how do I-"

"Hold on." Scane flared out his wings and flapped down powerfully, shooting into the sky and leaving Danic to scream and hang onto whatever spikes were in front of her for dear life.

Name: Danic
Gender: Androgynous (she/her pronouns)
Age: 17
Tarakona    Screen%20Shot%202014-06-27%20at%205.19.53%20PM%20copy
Personality: Trusting but wary at first.
History: Always had a natural talent in dealing with dragons, so she isnt one for a direct attack nor a stealth attack. Instead she makes sure the dragon sees her and uses her talent to calm them down before killing them. (So like a betrayal). Seen as ruthless by other people (because I mean seriously. She gains a dragons trust and then kill them without any second thoughts)
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: long knife
Dragon: Scane
Other: Hunter, does not use the dragon ropes

Name: Scane
Gender: Male
Tarakona    Screen%20Shot%202014-06-27%20at%205.19.55%20PM%20copy
Personality: Offensive and likes to know what's going on, but doesnt really like to trust others. Very persistent.
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Danic
History: N/A
Other: Very good sense of smell

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Tarakona    Empty Re: Tarakona

Post by RubyRedclaw on Mon May 11, 2015 12:21 am

The sky was thick with smoke, plumes reaching from burnt trees into the sky. In the distance was an orange glow, the dying flames of the forest fire reaching the edge of the now-charred wood. Beyond was a stretch of craggy, plantless rocks that the fire would never pass.

Gazing at the distant fire from her spot behind a fallen tree, Gorria eased herself to the ground with a soft thud, ignoring the ache she felt everywhere. Silently she cursed herself for letting it get this bad, hitting her head with her hand. Of all of the dragon hunters in her small clan, she had to be the one to fight the fire starter. Her, with no partner, hardly any experience, and no idea what type of dragon it even was, fight the one dragon they had not been able to shake. They had made an excuse about beginner's luck or something, but she was pretty sure it was either an initiation or a death sentence.

Looking around at the smoldering remains of the forest, she sighed. If she came back now, without so much as a glance of her opponent, she'd be banished. Causing this much destruction without so much as a scale? Unforgivable. There was no way that was ever going to happen.

A cry sounded overhead, making the sooty girl snap to attention and scramble to her feet. The throaty sound was that of a dragon on the prowl, and the last thing a hunter wanted to be was hunted. Quickly taking stock of what she had left, Gorria bolted towards a thick patch of trees, the blackened trunks able to provide some cover as the swoop of wings echoed above her. Vaulting herself over another felled tree, she quickly scanned the area for a hiding spot. A hollow tree would do nicely, the wood that had been stripped from it leaving a large hole that would keep her hidden from everywhere but the front.

Gorria raced to it and practically slammed her back into the far side of the trunk, heaving a sigh of relief and closing her eyes. She really wasn't meant to be a dragon hunter. Dragons terrified her, they always had. Why did anyone think she had it in her to face one of the beasts head on?

The hunter was shaken of her thoughts when she heard breathing. Heavy breathing that wasn't her own. No, not heavy, just loud. Slowly, she opened her eyes and instantly she wished she hadn't. Her breath hitched and a twitchy hand noticed her knives were no longer there, the sword on her back too far to reach.

The dragon was small compared to the ones she had seen older, more experienced hunters bring back to the clan. It was about the size of a panther, its scales a deep red. Its wings were paper-thin, showing what was behind them with a thick red hue. Of course, Gorria could only see that out of her peripherals, as she could not look away from the sharp yellow eyes in front of her. She was pumped with adrenaline, her dirty, soot-covered brown hair damp with sweat, fingers itching to grab a weapon of some sort to defend herself with. She could have sworn she felt a rock move when she hid herself in the trunk. If only she could find it...

The dragon blinked and sat down in front of her, voice deep and a bit slurred, as if it hadn't been properly used for some time. "I don't believe we have met, young one. My name is Grilark, might I ask what yours is?"


Name: Gorria
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: She's just above average height, has muscular build, and has heavily freckled tan skin. Her hair is brown with a red tint and is cut about an inch below her chin, and her eyes are a rich brown. Her clothes are usually a shade of brown to help blend in with the environment, though it's also because they were previously owned. Her weapons are a bit shoddy, being handed down to her as the newest dragon hunter, but they're reliable enough.
Personality: Stubborn and loyal, hot-headed at times. She doesn't like to let people know her flaws.
History: Typical history, grew up in a dragonless household, family joined the town clan as quickly as possible once a dragon attacked. Only her sibling Crys is consistently around to talk to.
Hunter? To her dismay, yes
Rider? Also to her dismay, yes
Weapon: Knives and a large broadsword she keeps sheathed on her back.
Dragon: Grilark
Other: Is not particularly fond of dragons, as they scare her and have ravaged her nomadic clan for years. Always seems to get the hand-me-downs of the clan, since she is one of the youngest there. Is definitely Ruby with a different name. Sorry.

Name: Grilark
Gender: Male
Tarakona    2006-red-dragon-wizard
But about the size of a panther.
Personality: Grim, has a dry sense of humor, and very introverted. Often distrustful and a little melodramatic. Doesn't particularly like to fight, even if he has the build for it.
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Gorria
History: He came from a rather bad household and doesn't handle being around other dragons or humans that well because of it. Once the growth reached him, rather late compared to other dragons, he ran away and has never stayed too long in one spot since. Various encounters have left him with numerous scars since.
Other: Acts like he's older than he is. He was just older than a hatchling when the growth started.


"Do you have the stink bomb ready?" came the urgent whisper, the speaker a black-haired woman with twin axes on her back, standing tall as her eyes darted around the cavern. Even if there was only one dragon here, one dragon could kill both of them easily.

"Yeah, yeah, be patient, okay? It's not easy to set up a trap in the dark," replied the other woman, platinum-blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She pulled a string tight and wrapped it around the stakes she had anchored in the ground. Standing up as much as the low cave roof would allow, the trapper wiped the dirt off her knees and muttered, "I don't see why we had to go down here. It would have been easier to trap the entrance of this place."

Her sister rolled her eyes and recited her reasoning once again, "Like most burrowing animals, this dragon probably has several entrances and exits to its den. If we set the trap up in a chamber, it's more likely that the dragon will trip it. Besides, it's harder for them to run away down here. Now, come on, we have to set up a few more of these things."

The trapper groaned and followed her sister out of the small side chamber. "Bee, we've already set up four of these. Can't we just wait for that fat dragon to sit on them or something?"

'Bee' rolled her eyes once more, gesturing to the long winding tunnel that was the dragon's burrow. "Does it look like a fat dragon is just going to sit down here, out of the possibly dozens of corridors and chambers here? I don't think so. Come on, we'll set up a few more then check back in the morning."

The light-haired sister groaned as she followed the other deeper into the musty cave, one hand trailing on the dirt wall next to her. A skittering noise made her jolt and grab her sister's tunic, eyes wide in fright and pointed ears shaking. After a moment of silence and stillness, Ebon whispered coolly, "Come on, Dee, it was just some loose rocks. Nothing to worry about as long as we're quiet."

Even so, they were both more cautious with their footsteps and where their hands grazed the twisting, winding wall. They had long passed the point where they could see when the second noise came, the sound of earth shifting around them and a small gust of foul smelling air. Ebon immediately backed up and led her sister- at some point, they had grasped each others' hands- back the way they came and quickly found that the other wall was not as close as they thought. There in the dark, they were in the middle of a dragon den with no guidance or connection to the outside world. When a low hissing came from behind them, they did they only logical thing.

They ran as fast as they could, trying not to trip over their own feet as they did so.

Damon blindly searched through the satchel on her shoulder, throwing balls of one thing or another behind them. A few explosions followed by a dismayed cry signalled their effectiveness, but the twin sisters couldn't care less. Their eyes were focused on the dim light around the corner of the twisting tunnel, knowing the outside world was within reach.
A snake-like neck appeared just before they rounded the bend, the shadow of the beast's head enough to make them skid to a halt and practically throw themselves against the wall. The two dragon hunters held their breath as they watched the shadow slowly turn away from them and head back down the corridor before slowly inching away from the corner. Hand on the wall, Ebon almost fell backwards into the dark chamber, bringing her sister with her and stifling a surprised yelp.

Both of them just watched the entrance of the somewhat cavernous room before they breathed sighs of relief. Looking at each other, they smiled and started laughing quietly in that wheezy I-can't-believe-we-survived-that sort of way, glad to be alive. They chuckled louder and hugged each other, dust and grime covering both of them from head to foot.

A low clicking noise made them jump up, Ebon in front of her sister and one axe out, frozen in place as two piercing yellow eyes locked with hers. How did they not remember to look behind them? How did this dragon move so fast? Why did it feel like her sister was trying to say something, words muffled as if through water?

Damon had turned to look behind them to check their escape route when she had seen the other dragon. The grey to white scales of the strangely flat and wide head contrasted sharply with the golden eyes, pupils slits despite the dark. The long neck was arched downwards so the dragon was eye level with the hunter, sharp grey spines frilling the outside of the face and continuing along the back. Despite the original serpentine appearance, the dragon's forelimbs were large and ended in four, foot long claws and the chest of the beast was like a barrel. In her peripherals, Damon could glance a long, winding tail that was constantly wriggling.

Damon's dragon was the first to move. Well, more speak than move. "Twi, did you feel the connection, too, or do we have to kill these as well?"

"Nope, Llana, I think we did it!"

Ebon went slack-jawed as the dragon in front of her spoke, the cheery and light tone contrasting starkly with the animal in front of her. Even in the dark, she could see the inch and a half fangs and the long thin tongue flicking out into the air, blood forming a small cascade from its neck. Somehow, she managed to make her mouth work again and stuttered, "D-Dee? Did they j-just talk?"

Instantly, the two dragons broke eye contact with the hunters and let out a shrill sound of glee, forcing the two to cover their ears in pain and confusion. They both asked themselves what they had gotten into.


Name: Ebon (Bee)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Appearance: A few inches below average height, Ebon is toned and lean, black hair in a low ponytail that is only a few inches long. Her bangs are brushed to the side, and they come just above her light blue eyes. She usually wears a dark tunic over a long-sleeved, white shirt, and has brown pants tucked into boots. Her weapons on held on her back by two black belts.

Personality: Patient and sarcastic, she really only gets snippy with her sister, Damon. Most of the time is a reasonable individual that doesn't really think things through. Handles the business part of the twins' endeavor.
History: Grew up in an average little town with her twin sister, and like everyone else, her life was turned upside down from the Growth. Using her sister's knack for engineering and trapping, they made their living as dragon hunters who could be hired by a clan that had a problem and was hurting for a solution. They had struck out on their own when they were old enough, and have been traveling ever since.
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: Twin one-handed axes, proficient with a crossbow
Dragon: Twi
Other: Undecided sexuality, she usually has her hands full with whatever project the two sisters are currently doing. Also very protective over Damon, sometimes violently so.

Name: Damon (Dee)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Appearance: Short with over average weight, Damon isn't as visibly fit as her sister. Even then, she is solid. Her face is freckled and tan, eyes a medium grey. Like her sister, she wears a ponytail, but this one is high on her head and her blonde hair is evenly cut, bangs just over her eyebrows. She is usually frowning, grumbling, or ruffling through her supply satchel. Clothes are usually grey or brown and are often dirt stained from setting traps.

Personality: Irritable and argumentative, Damon tends to leave the talking to her sister unless there's an opportunity to snark or complain. Will get snippy at people she doesn't know using her nickname and is prone to rash decisions if upset. Otherwise, she is usually the one to sort out the plans and work out strategies.

History: Grew up in an average little town with her twin sister, and like everyone else, her life was turned upside down from the Growth. With her knack for engineering and trapping, Damon and Ebon made their living as dragon hunters who could be hired by a clan that had a problem and was hurting for a solution. They had struck out on their own when they were old enough, and have been traveling ever since.
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: Throwable items (daggers, homemade explosives, etc) and traps
Dragon: Llana
Other: Doesn't really do romance, asexual, & often very rude to "potential suitors".

Name: Twi
Gender: Female
Though she is a dragon, she doesn't resemble most other species. She has a long, serpentine neck that ends in a spade-like head with two wicked fangs, large golden eyes, long whiskers on the snout, and two antennae-like feelers just above her eyes. Down the back of her neck is spine-like bristles that are usually down but can be raised like hackles (when raised, they secrete a mild toxin that causes blistering and pain).

Her chest and shoulders are wide, almost barrel-like, and her forelegs jut out from the side, broadening into massive paws that each hold four claws that are a half a foot each. Her hips are a bit slimmer, and when she is standing up properly, they are even with the tops of her shoulders. Her hind legs are thinner than the front, but sturdy, with only inch or so long claws for grip. Behind, a five-foot tail ends in a whiplash tip that almost constantly wriggles. Over all, she is just bigger than a lion's (excluding neck and tail).

The bristles go half way down the tail, thicker and longer on the shoulders. Just below them, on either side, are the glands that produce the blistering toxin, manifesting themselves as slightly indented spots of black skin that trail along the length of her body. Her scales are small and pebbly, though they seem to be thicker on her stomach and neck. They fade from blue-grey on her back and limbs to a very light grey on her stomach and face.

Personality: Twi is more excitable than her sister and is always full of energy, ready to rush headlong into things without thinking.
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Ebon
History: As exotic breeds, she and her sister were bought by a rich family and lived in luxury and were generally happy with their lives. When the growth came, their family left them behind, fearful of what they'd turn into. While the first few years post-growth were tough, they have remained relatively unscathed due to their non-aggressive behavior towards humans and other dragons.
Other: Was built to dig. Without wings, she can't fly, but she's faster on or in the ground anyway. When her sister suggested luring hunters to them to see if the prophecy was real, Twi wholeheartedly agreed and came up with their current plan of action (With a few of Llana's tweaks, of course). Was also a few years old when the Growth hit.

Name: Llana
Gender: Female
Appearance: Same as Twi's (They are twins, after all)
Personality: Generally a tad more logical and more reasonable than her sister, Llana is very curious and likes to investigate and problem solve.
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Damon
History: As exotic breeds, she and her sister were bought by a rich family and lived in luxury and were generally happy with their lives. When the growth came, their family left them behind, fearful of what they'd turn into. While the first few years post-growth were tough, they have remained relatively unscathed due to their non-aggressive behavior towards humans and other dragons.
Other: Was built to dig. Without wings, she can't fly, but she's faster on or in the ground anyway. She has always wondered if the prophecy was true, and was the one that suggested they try to lure hunters to them to test it out.


The quiet rippling of waves was the only sound Lupus could hear. The large pond before him was still, no fish splashing, no birds singing, no animals drinking from the cool water. It was eerie how lifeless the green forest seemed, even in the bright noon sun.

He had been watching this pond for three days, laying traps around the shallows, watching as something occasionally moved in the deep. It had to be the dragon he had been ordered to kill. After all, he had tracked the broken foliage straight from the farm field to here. He could only be slightly suspicious of their claims that it was one dragon; the trail seemed far too large for just a single dragon.

Now he waited on the shore, harpoon in hand and ready to strike if he heard the snap of a trap or glimpsed of a scaled body breaking the surface. It seems like eternity as the sun drifted across the sky, the water as unmoving as the hunter.

A soft burble launched the chaotic scene. Ten feet away, water exploded into the air, a trap sprung under the surface. The harpoon left his hand before he had completely turned, and Lupus could only catch a glimpse of his prey before it submerged in a writhing fit, splashing waves upon waves of water in every direction. His harpoon had missed, somehow. He never missed this close up.

Quickly recovering, he yanked the harpoon back to himself and started moving incase the dragon felt the need to be on the offensive. In the middle of the pond, a large, nearly black form thrashed about in the depths, crying out in confusion. The roars were growing louder and more strained as the beast fought to rid its leg of the biting metal, enough so that Lupus could almost pinpoint where the head usually was. Wading deeper into the water, he took careful aim- it was farther away this time, and if he missed from ten, he could and would miss here- and threw. The stretchy length of rope would probably just about make it, but he wasn't taking any chances; if push came to shove, he'd retreat back to his kit and grab another weapon. He let the rope slide off his wrist and sail after the piercing weapon with dangerous speed. The harpoon entered the water with barely a splash, but it enticed a startled cry from the dragon.

The large animal stopped writhing and the water's surface calmed, letting the hunter finally see more of his target. Like he had seen before, it was covered in nearly-black scales. What he hadn't seen before was the large dorsal fin protruding from the spine, the apparent lack of wings, and the sheer size of the thing.

It was massive.

Going off of what was visible, he'd say anywhere from twenty-five to thirty feet long, much larger than any dragon he'd encountered before. He was just starting to wonder if he had actually killed it when he saw the head. More specifically, the eyes.

The pearly blue eyes were simultaneously one of the most beautiful and one of the most terrifying things he had seen in a long time, and they were looking straight at him. They were looking straight at him and he realised they were coming closer, much closer, really fast.

He noticed he stepped backwards a little too late, the metallic bite and the crunch of his leg all the warning he had before he could only sense white-hot pain. The trap dug deep into the flesh on his leg, designed to hold creatures stronger and bigger than himself. Clawing at the trap engulfing his foot, he only briefly heard the sound of water rushing towards him before he was on his back, legs, trap and all, swiped out from under him.

Lupus desperately tried to breathe in something other than water, groping for any form of surface to push himself out of the pond. His hands hit sand below him and he pushed up, breaking the surface and gasping for air. Dragging himself to the nearby shore, he stared wide eyed at nothing and everything, trying to see through the pain. He distantly felt a slimy surface run over the broken bone and puncture wounds, the metal no longer choking his leg. It was the last thing he felt before he passed out.

When he came to, he was greeted by a dragon watching him from the pond.


Name: Lupus
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: Lupus is tall with a swimmer's build, his skin a dark tan and hair black and curly. His eyes are a dark brown and usually serious or solemn. Called striking by some and handsome by others. He has a number of small tattoos that are few and far between, though they are usually covered by his tunic and pants. He wears non-descript clothes most of the time and knee-high boots that are good for travel. He carries a pack with him that houses all of his necessities and several extra blades, his harpoon nearly always at hand.

Personality: Calm, serious, quiet, and efficient. He can be cold and tends not to trust people, much less dragons.
History: He grew up as a poor farm boy who had to deal with small feral dragons all the time, and has never liked them from the start. When the growth came around and dragons completely destroyed his farm house, he started working towards his mercenary title by using his old trapping techniques to trap the bigger and badder dragons.
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: Harpoon/spear & traps
Dragon: Fon Lanme
Other: Specialises in dragons who have a home/lair/den of sorts. Good with ambush attacks as well as dealing out slow deaths in a snare. May have some casually transphobic moments (non-binary erasure), and I will put a warning whenever they come up.

Name: Fon Lanme
Gender: Agender (she/hers/herself)
Appearance: She's 40 ft long with dark blue, thick scales that interlock in such a way that it speeds water past her. Along each of her sides is a dotted line of blue-white bioluminescent scales (each about two feet apart), trailing from just behind her head to near the tip of her tail. Her wings are nonexistent. Instead, her powerful front legs sport a fin-like membrane on the elbow (connecting to the side) and webbed feet, though the five black claws on each foot are still viciously curved and sharp. Along her spine is a continuous fin from behind her head to the base of her tail, which already sports an oval-shaped fin of its own. Her belly is a slightly darker grey-blue than her spots and looks pearly in the light.

Personality: Shy, calm, and curious, she doesn't really like doing others harm. She keeps to herself as much as she can and moves around less than other dragons, avoiding human settlements as best she can. She is lonely and often scared and wants to find more of her kind, but she is unsure of where to look. Despite her usually gentle nature, she has no qualms about killing Darians and has taken out the hunters that have attempted to kill her.
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Lupus
History: Born just before the growth hit, she never really socialized with humans or dragons before she was forced to run from her home. If she travels now, it's at night, because her faint bioluminescent spots are less noticeable than a thirty-foot nearly black dragon making its way through a forest and slipping into another large body of water.

Other: She's huge. Even now, she hasn't grown to her full size. Her species before the growth was one of the largest around, around the size of a Mastiff. Used to hunt fish in strong river currents, they were called "Leviathans, and most of them have headed to the oceans. Can't fly, though she can swim and run remarkably fast.

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The mountain hadn't seemed that high when he was standing at the base of it. Now he was sitting on a small ledge about three fourths of the way up. The wind was blowing, causing his spiky black hair to wave wildly. His hands stung from the rocks that he had been grabbing to pull himself up and he was currently leaning against the rocks, talking to himself as he rested.

"Great idea, Brannon! Climb the mountain! Kill the dragon! I bet the bloody thing has already seen me coming. Not sure why it hasn't attacked..." Brannon stood up with a sigh and turned to face the mountain again. He had to admit, the view was pretty nice and there was no sign of any living thing. If it wasn't such a hassle to climb up and down, he would have considered making this place his home. Once he disposed of the dragon, of course.

He began his ascent once more, still silently scolding himself for going through with this stupid plan. He wasn't even getting anything out of this killing. The clan that asked him to do this seemed extremely desperate, telling him that there was no where else to go and the creature had already killed a large number of them. "That should have been their first clue to just move out..." Brannon told himself, thinking of the story they had told him of the dragon's first attack. He still wasn't completely sure why he agreed to help them. The challenge, maybe?

When his hands reached the edge, Brannon was almost surprised at how fast the last part of his climb had gone. He must have been pretty deep in thought. He pulled himself up, just enough to look over the edge at what was at the top. The top of the peak was flat, the occasional boulder jutting out of the ground, but there wasn't much else. The entire surface didn't seem to be that large. He could see the opposite side of the peak and he guessed it would take him ten minutes at the most to walk across.

After scanning the area, he lifted himself up and pulled out his sword. This was the last place the dragon had been sighted and he had made sure to watch for it if it tried to fly away. It had to be somewhere. Brannon hadn't even taken four steps before he heard a scuffling noise from behind him. He quicly spun around, but didn't even get the chance to see the beast. Instead, he heard a swishing sound which was followed by a pain in his chest and his body being flung backwards, skidding across teh ground on his back.

His sword had been knocked out of his hand as soon as the dragon's tail had hit him and he skidded to a stop on his back. However, he was only down a few seconds before he rolled over backwards into a crouching position, taking in the large dragon that stood before him. It was completely black, the scales up its neck and along its stomach were only a slightly lighter shade of black. It's eyes were a deep red color and it had two large horns that pointed backwards.

Brannon stared at the dragon for a moment as he slowly pulled the hunting knife from his belt. "Alright, big guy. Let's just finish this quickly." Smoke rose from the dragon's nostrils as if in reply and Brannon ran forward, sliding underneath the large dragon as he brought his claws down onto the ground where Brannon had been.

He reached for his sword, hoping to pick it up to stab into the beast's stomach, but the creature's tail whipped it away just before Brannon grabbed it. The dragon flapped it's wings to lift itself up and land to face Brannon again. Brannon held his knife up in front of him and the dragon lowered its head, staring at him for a second. He saw the dragon's jaw tense up and he held his knife out, prepared for the attack. After a moment, though, the dragon simply seemed to let out a long sigh, smoke escaping its mouth before it spoke. "You can't harm me."

Brannon blinked, surprised. The dragon could speak? Was that normal? He had never really given them the chance to speak... He shook his head, convincing himself that it didn't really matter. A dragon was a dragon, anyway and it was his job to kill them. He waited another moment before charging toward the dragon with his knife raised, but the dragon's tail whipped around and swiped Brannon's feet out from under him. Before Brannon hit the ground, he felt the dragon's claws wrap around him and lift him up, pinning him against a boulder so he was at the same level as the dragon's head. "I said, you can't hurt me."

Brannon stared evenly at the dragon, trying to shift his arm so he could stab the beast. "Well then, go on. Finish me off!" The dragon seemed to chuckle and shake his head. "I can't hurt you either, though I would like to. I'm not fond of your kind coming up here to bother me." When he finished speaking, he lowered Brannon to the ground and laid down in front of him. As soon as Brannon's feet touched the ground, he lifted the knife over his head and stared at the spot on the dragon's head that he was going to stab.

As much as he wanted to stab the beast, he couldn't bring himself to do it. He glared angrily at the dragon, who simply sat in front of him. The more he wanted to stab it, the harder it was for him to even try to move his arms down. He guessed his knuckles were turning white with how hard he was gripping his weapon and he could feel his arms shaking. After a few minutes of this, Brannon let out an angry yell and threw his knife at the ground. "What did you do to me?" He turned and walked in a small circle, kicking a rock in the direction of the dragon once he was facing it again. "Why can't I kill you!?"

"Oh, is that what you were doing? You must be more pathetic than I thought."

Brannon groaned at the dragon's smug words, and put his hands on his head, "This can't be happening. I've never had a problem killing one of you stupid creatures, why now? Why are you even talking to me?"

The dragon looked genuinely offended. "Stupid? I'm not the one trying to kill someone that I can't kill." Upon recieving a skeptical glare from the hunter, the dragon explained. "Something about a prophecy. Not only can we not kill each other, but we're pretty much stuck with each other. And I prefer to be called Casimir."

Brannon looked at the dragon before him, shaking his head in disbelief before letting out a defeated sigh and sitting on the ground. "I'm Brannon."


Name: Brannon
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Tarakona    Black
Personality: Extremely stubborn, doesn't really like others, is sometimes sarcastic, and is a determined person
History: He never really liked dragons, even when they were just pets, so he distanced himself from them and anyone who owned them. Because the dragons were popular, this meant that he didn't really talk to anyone and he lived on his own. When the Growth happened, he was away from the worst of it, but his dislike of dragons just turned into a complete hate and distrust. Now he travels from clan to clan, helping out if the people seem desperate, though he always gets something in return.  
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: He has a sword and a hunting knife, the blades of which are coated in a poison that he makes himself.
Dragon: Casimir
Other: He mainly uses stealth, which is why he usually wears all black and only uses a knife for his weapon.

Name: Casimir
Gender: Male
Tarakona    Black_dragon_by_shaori07-d37xhjq
Personality: Can be considered rude, sometimes violent, mostly keeps to himself
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Brannon
History: He lives on top of a steep mountain that is almost impossible for anyone to climb. This is because he likes to keep watch and over the forests around him without having to deal with any of the other creatures down there. He only leaves the mountain to terrorize any clans that may be considering relocating near him. And occasionally to hunt, but that doesn't take very long.
Other: He has keen vision, which is why he can watch the forests around him.


Jakodi sighed as he walked under the trees, the shade only letting in a few spots of sunlight as he walked. Why did there have to be a dragon sighting near the clan? He had managed to go a long time without havinig to hunt another dragon. Usually he had to tell everyone that the dragon would simply pass by them and they did. No trouble at all. Probably because they were well hidden, but that didn't matter. They weren't in danger. However, they were convinced that this was a beast that needed to be dealt with. One that had been sighted multiple times in the area.

Shaking his head, Jakodi stopped in a clearing that was flooded with sunlight, welcoming the warmth that it brought to him. A slight breeze went through the trees, causing the leaves to sway and create a loud rustling. It also made something drift across the clearing, catching Jakodi's eye. He walked toward the mysterious object and picked it up. It was a blue feather. A big one. About the size of his forearm. He twirled the feather between his thumb and pointer finger, looking at the deep blue color in fascination. "I didn't know the Growth affected birds too..."

The feather reminded him of his own quest and he looked around for more feathers before continuing on. He put the feather behind his ear, wanting to hold onto it. For some reason, it intruiged him and he didn't want to lose it, though he doubted he would be able to hold onto it while fighting a dragon. As he strolled through the trees, his mind began to wander again. He thought back to when his brother left, it seemed like such a long time ago. Jakodi had promised his brother that he woud look after everyone, but he really didn't want that responsibilty. Or the job that required him to kill dragons. Even though they had turned against everyone, he had always liked them.

Jakodi had been so lost in thought that he almost missed the large shape that was hiding in the shadows beside him. Almost. As soon as he spotted it, he pulled his double-bladed ax from his back and held it firmly in his hands, sighing at what he knew was going to happen next. "Come out and face me..." He mumbled to himself, knowing that the dragon would not understand him.

When the dragon did step out of the shadows, pushing trees and bushes aside, he was amazed at what he saw. He had almost missed it in the shadows because the dragon was such a dark blue that it almost blended in. The only thing on it that wasn't blue were the two pure white horns coming fron its head. Even the dragon's eyes were a lighter shade of blue, much like the sky on a clear day. What was even more amazing were the feathers. This dragon didn't have scales, but was covered in dazzling blue feathers, like the one he had found on the ground.

He shook his head again, telling himself not to be distracted. He had to kill it. The dragon faced him, its head lowered as if it was prepared to defend itself, though it didn't make a threatening move toward him like most of the others had. It simply gazed calmly at him through clear blue eyes. Not wanting to waste anymore time, he lifted his ax into the air and ran forward, swinging it down at the dragon's head.

However, at the last second, something stopped him. He couldn't explain it, but he stopped his ax inches from the dragon's unmoving head. The dragon gazed at him for a moment longer before twisting its head so that the large horns flung the ax from his grip. Jakodi took a step backwards, thinking that this was probably the end for him. What happened next almost made him fall over in shock, though.

The dragon spoke with a clearly feminine voice. "I knew I would find you. Something about this place told me you would be here." She stepped toward him, causing Jakodi to stumble backwards and fall onto the ground. Her tail was swaying back and forth as she approached him, hitting the branches of trees and causing a few to break off. When she reached him, she reached her neck forward and sniffed at him, nudging him gently. "My name is Keeva, rider. I am your dragon."

Jakodi stuttered as he tried to think of what he wanted to say. "Wh.. What? Rider? My dragon? You're not making sense. You're talking! What's going on?"

The dragon chuckled at his babbling. "I see that you are observant." She sat down in front of him as she began to explain. "There was a prophecy that said there would be certain hunters that would become riders of dragons. They would not be able to harm the dragons that they were meant to ride and those dragons wouldn't be able to harm them. That is how I know you are the one."

Jakodi thought about this for a moment, seeming to regain his ability to think clearly and form sentences. "Well... What if I wasn't your rider? Wouldn't I have just killed you when I brought my ax down on you?"

Keeva shook her head, "Of course not."

"How do you know?"

"Because I couldn't bring myself to kill you when you entered this forest. Now then. How about we go for a ride?"


Name: Jakodi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Tarakona    294698_1315338731173_180_280
Personality: He is nice, helpful, and tries to be a good friend, though he has to get to know someone before he can be a loyal friend.
History: He never really wanted to be a hunter, but his older brother had pushed him to do it because he said the clan needed more protection. Once Jakodi had been trained, his brother told him to stay with the clan while he went and found others in need. Ever since then, Jakodi had stayed in that same clan, though he hardly ever goes out on missions.
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: Double-bladed ax
Dragon: Keeva
Other: He doesn't like to kill dragons, which is why he rarely goes out on missions

Name: Keeva
Gender: Female
Tarakona    Brom_and_Saphira_by_hibbary
Ignore the man standing there.
Personality: Gentle, kind, doesn't wish to harm other living creatures unless it is necessary (self-defense, food...)
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Jakodi
History: Before the Growth, she was admired because of her color and feathers and was owned by a nice old couple. They are the reason she is kind and they died shortly after the Growth happened, though she tried to protect them. Since then, she has tried to help anyone she can, but she does it without violence.
Other: She helps so many and travels around because she is in search of her rider and doesn't think she can find them by waiting in one place.


I'm the greatest. Look at all those creatures down there. Look at how they run from me. From my fire. From my power. They don't stand a chance. They know that I am a champion! See how the trees fall and the animals scurry away in fear? That is because of me. Nothing can stop me!

This was what Roarke often thought to himself when he went out of his cave to find creatures to terrorize. He was currently flying low over a forest, letting out random streams of fire to burn down the trees and scare out the animals. It was fun to him to watch them run. He liked to let them know that they were beneath him and he was better than all.

He looked at his shadow as he flew, admiring it. This wasn't as good as looking at his reflection in a lake, but it would do. As he looked down, he noticed a creature among the trees that wasn't running like all the others. It looked like one of those hunters that was always trying to fight him (he always won, of course). No...Maybe not. She looked smaller. Younger. She didn't seem like she would be much of a challenge.

Then again, who was he to deny this hunter her death? He folded his wings in and dove straight down toward her, opening his wings at the last second for a graceful landing. She was holding up a bow with an arrow ready to fire. This almost made him fall over laughing. Not the most powerful weapon she could have used to take on the most powerful dragon!

She didn't seem that confident with her stance either. Her arms were shaking and Roarke was tempted to just stand there to see how long she would hold the bow up. He laughed to himself as he swung his claws around at her. The girls wasn't fast enough to dodge him, not when she had been so focused on holding up her bow. Instead, he swept his claws around her legs, causing her to fall to the ground, though she kept the grip on her bow.

He lowered his head to get a better look at her. As he was doing so, she tried to roll to the side, but he simply lifted his claws and stepped down on her to hold her down. He chuckled to himself again, "You've made a big mistake." As he looked down at her, he saw her eyes widen. Had she... Understood him? As he stared down at her, he decided that he should just finish her off and crush her. He felt his muscles tensing, but he couldn't bring his weight down onto her. As he glared at her, he felt a growl rising in his throat.

"You stupid girl! Why did you come here!? Why did you have to do this!?!" Smoke was rising from his nostrils as he roared out his frustration, lifting his claws from the confused girl below him.

The girl stood up quickly, lifting her bow up as she spoke, though her voice was shaking slightly. "Leave here, dragon! I won't let you harm my clan!"

The dragon was practically digging a hole beneath himself as he clawed at the ground, wishing desperately he could do the same to her. "I am the mighty Roarke! I can't be stopped now! Not by this pathetic excuse for a hunter! "

The girl looked up at him and fired her arrow, missing the dragon's head by a foot. This didn't even seem to bother the dragon as she pulled back another arrow. "This time I won't miss, beast! That was your warning. You're right to be upset, though!"

The dragon let out another roar and slammed his claws down at the girl, though he only hit the ground next to her. "You don't get it! You can't kill me! I can't kill you! That stupid prophecy! How could this be my downfall? No epic battle? Just a mighty dragon, forced to be a slave to a puny hunter girl!"

The girl seemed to be offended by him calling her puny. "What are you talking about? And my name is Zora! So stop calling me puny and pathetic and stupid! What do you mean you're my slave?"

The dragon fell onto the forest floor as if the arrow had actually struck his head. "The prophecy! I am your dragon now and you are my rider. We can't kill each other, no matter how much we want to..."

Roarke stared at Zora as he clawed at the ground, as if he was imagining she was under his claws. This unsettled her, but she stood her ground. "I am not your rider! I'm going to kill you!" She drew back yet another arrow, but her arms shook even more after she stared him down for a few seconds. She couldn't bring herself to let go of the arrow.

"I told you... And my day started out so well..." He looked up at the smoke filled sky as a reminder of the chaos that he had been causing only moments ago. "I guess I'm stuck with just you now..."

The girl threw her bow on the ground. "You're lying! This can't be true! Dragons don't talk and aren't here to be ridden! They kill and they all need to be killed!"

This went on for a while, the girl ranting about how terrible dragons were and the dragon complaining about how horrible it was that he was stuck with her. It was clear the two weren't going to accomplish much for a while.


Name: Zora
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Tarakona    Girl_in_Sunshine
Personality: Fierce and starts out seeming mean, but is nice to her friends and is a good person overall.
History: She used to be a tracker for a small group that she lived with. She tracked for a great hunter, who was even training her to become a hunter. However, one day, her mentor did not return and she waited for a few days before tracking him. Instead of finding him alive, she found his weapons, covered in blood, and the dragon that had killed him. She killed the dragon and since then has become a hunter, though she doesn't have a lot of experience.
Hunter? Yes
Rider? Yes
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Dragon: Roarke

Name: Roarke
Gender: Male
Tarakona    IceDragonlv2_FinalFLATS
Personality: Thinks very highly of himself, sometimes a bully, not the smartest dragon, good sense of humor
Ridden? Yes
Rider: Zora
History: He spends a lot of his time attacking clans and other dragons, but he doesn't always kill them. Usually he simply messes with them and scares them before just leaving them and a trail of destruction behind him.
Other: Always enjoys playing tricks on people

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